Those who know me know I have an eye for details. And not just high-level details, but details that you don’t even realize you care about until they’re missed, particularly in a service environment.

I opted to stay in the latest Ian Schrager property, PUBLIC Hotel, in Manhattan’s Bowery in…

Here I share the journey of my recent hypothyroidism diagnosis.

image courtesy EMedicineHealth

For those of you who may be thinking: “Do I have a thyroid condition?” this is my experience from the past 2 years.

I’ve always been a doer. Active, inquisitive, a get-shit-done-er.

Running a small experience design agency the last five years, life can, at times, get hectic.

After months of increasingly sluggish mornings, an uptick in brain fog, easily becoming chilled, and…

“4.8, on a scale of 1–5, but it’s really nothing to be alarmed by…” she told me. “In fact, if you hadn’t mentioned fatigue, I wouldn’t have even brought it up.”

thyroid gland

Something has not been right with my health since I turned 30.

Annual physicals and clean bills of health…

2016 Holiday Gift Guide

As the founder & CEO of the experiential design agency, WHISK, I’m often tapped for ideas on holiday gifting & style, for colleagues and friends alike. This year, I’m sharing my favorites for function, good design, ease of use, and joy. Happy gifting!

The Traveler Compact…

maggie spicer

designer, strategist, cinnamon roll enthusiast who’s passionate about the guest experience and #onbrandbathrooms

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